The Hot rock Sauna “TENKA” which does not use hot water for Tamana-gun, Kumamoto opened.
It leads to mysterious healing with the source of nature.

That’s not all.
In addition to the sauna, we have an inn.(There are 80 parking lots.)
Since it arrives from TENKA to Mitsui Greenland in just 10 minutes, it is also very popular as a place to heal tiredness of travel.

Lodging:Ryokan Fully equipped!Nostalgic from 2,800yen to 7,000yen
It is a ryokan in a quiet location at cheap prices for Training camp, family trips or work.。

※For customers who use Hot rock sauna
Use of the sauna in the yoga time zone will be given priority for women.
Therefore, the reception hours of men will be as follows.
We apologize for any inconvenience, but thank you for your understanding.
【 Men’s reception hours on yoga day】※Please visit us by the time below.
(Tue)Until 19:00(Thu)Until 18:30(Fri)Until 17:00
※ It may be available even after the above time.
Sorry to trouble you, but please check by phone.

Affordable rates3types&children's fare
Special Standard Reasonable Children's fare Free time
¥1,600 ¥1,140 ¥980 ¥570 ¥360
Monk's working clothes
Towel set
Paper shorts
No time restriction
Monk's working clothes
Towel set
Bath time 80 minutes
Monk's working clothes
Towel set
Buy water or buy at our shop
Bath time 80minutes
Monk's working clothes
Towel set only
Price revised to the above amount from April 1, 2017
※Hot rock sauna solt sauna reeze sauna All can be used.

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