Hot rock sauna / Hot Yoga &Yoga TENKA


address 2168-55 Nagasu-machi, Tamana-gun, Kumamoto-ken 869-0123 Japan
(Landscape Harbor Ariake Ferry Pier)
phone [+81] 0968-78-1122
Parking Lot There 80 cars free reservation is not needed

Guide of the room

locker After being accepted, we change to male and female and change into yukata in the locker room. Lockers can be used individually.
3 Spacious bathroom floating with the scent of hinoki. Flowing BGM is also a very relaxing song I will feel drowsy.
 courtyard On sunny day you can see the sky full of stars Courtyard (outside rest room). While listening to the sound of insects, Have a rest slowly …
 shower You can use the shower room after the Hot rock sauna is over. Shampoo and body soap are also equipped.
 Powder room When clothing change is over, please make a make etc. at the powder room which is attached to the locker room.
studio A break room with a high ceiling and full of openness. And yoga studio
sofa Fluffy sofa
Foot massage massage Foot massage massage