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Hot Rock Sauna

What is Hot rock sauna

Very good energy is released to the body such as “far infrared” from the warmed eto-stone. A spa (hot spring) that warms from the core of the body without using hot water.
In Hot rock sauna, just sleeping on eto – stone , with extra sweat, removing extra moisture and waste accumulated in the body, smoothing the blood I will give it.

What is eto-stone

干支石 Mythological village It is a rare high-value rock that can be taken at the peak of Takachiho in Miyazaki Prefecture.
This stone has the power of super electromagnetic waves, and suppresses peroxidized lipid by deodorization and cell activation action etc. Besides that, it is demonstrating its power in various uses such as activation of soil, promotion of plant growth, and negative ion effect .

Beautiful with a mysterious sweat

岩床浴 The perspiration at Hot rock sauna has a smell-free, non-sticky, natural lotion that works like a natural lotion, after showering it does not take a shower, and just wipes with a towel, it will moisturize your skin. The fine texture is beautiful skin effect is tremendous.


Just sleeping on the stone, the body glowing warm It drains extra waste matter with a lot of sweat and heals the heart and body from the core
Cells are activated to activate the blood and lymphatic flow and increase the immunity of the body, low metabolism, hypothermia, cold, autonomic imbalance disease, hormonal abnormality, decreased immunity, and metabolic effect.
  • Infertility
  • Skin beauty effect
  • Improve menstrual irregularity
  • Menstrual pain
  • Atopic dermatitis
  • hay fever
  • Increase immunity
  • Multiple sweat disease
※A person who should not take a bath
  • People who are close to giving birth
  • People with alcohol
  • People with acute phase inflammation in the body

Bathing method

1.For Standard Course · Reasonable Course First, to Salt sauna!
     You will warm up for about 10 minutes and cool down for 5 minutes with cold warehouse. This one set.

Then moved to the rock bed spa. Three sets of face-down 5 minutes, supine face 10 minutes, break 5 minutes.

If you get the rhythm, please bath according to your condition. Long bathing may cause low temperature burns.

    ※If you are suffering from heart disease / high blood pressure, take more breaks according to your physical condition, please take a bath with less number of times.

2.A plenty of sweat gives moisture to your skin simply by toweling and finishing to smooth.


In the rock bed spa a lot of sweat, so it is necessary to frequent hydration.
Be sure to drink about 500 to 800 ml of water.
By supplying moisture firmly, you can effectively sweat.
Three types of water are available at Tenka’s Standard Course and Special Course.
From Kagoshima Bathing hot spring water(hot spring water) French Perrier(Natural carbonated water) French Contrex(Super hard water)
Natural alkaline hot spring water.Soft water.
Effective oxygen (eliminating the cause of aging), effective in maintaining skin and health.
Water with natural carbonated water.
With carbonic acid effect, sweat is also active.
If you drink after sweating, your thirst is healed.
It contains a lot of minerals and calcium to promote bowel movement.
Effective water for dieting.