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Lecturer Profiles

Get qualification Bakhti Yoga BASIC
2010 – 2014 HOT YOGA STUDIO Padma Full-time instructor
Aromatherapy Lymph Treatment Certified Instructor
Fujiyama Midori Dance Studio dispatched lecturer
Lymphatic exercise instructor
Family Lymph Instructor
Natural earth certified lymphatic detox & release therapist
I am helping women’s beauty and health through exercise and lymphatic treatments.
2006 US Yoga Riance Acquired Ashtanga Yoga RYT 200
2007    〃     Acquired Dermatitler Yoga RYT 200
2009 Lucy Dutton Acquisition of basic course qualification
     〃    Master course certification
Pelvic correction yoga acquisition
2010 Lucy Dutton Supervisor qualification acquired
   After obtaining diet exam 1st grade,To the diet coordinator

~In addition to yoga, I also acquire qualifications for aroma treatment massage, Thai ancient massage, hot spring sommelier。
I will keep pleasant lessons tailored to a wide range of needs and age.
To the hospital for business trip lessons and corporate groups for doctors, event of blue sky yoga at Aso, planning development of health bread with collaboration with Angela Span etc.
Every day, I am on the way to beauty ~

Yoga Weekly Schedule Table(January 2016 ~)

Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat
Lesson1 11:00~12:00
※Week 2 and 4
Lesson2 19:30~20:45
※Week 2 and 4
※Week 1 and 3
Lesson3 21:00~22:00