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Solt ・freeze Sauna

solf sauna Rock salt containing natural minerals radiates strong negative ions.
Therefore, blood circulation promotion / fatigue recovery is expected. There is also far infrared effect so you can warm your body from the core.
Negative ions promote metabolism when taken into the body and have the effect of relaxing both mind and body.
Negative ions can also benefit from improving body functions such as immunity and respiratory function and purifying blood.
In Japan, after sweating a lot with a sauna etc, I will cool down by wearing cold water. It is not cold water at Tenka but you can use a freezer sauna that can cool down.
Although cold water feels a strong stimulus, it enters after the body warms into a cold freezer sauna, so there is no burden on the body.
Moreover, blood circulation is promoted because it can cool down quickly.
freeze Sauna

Bathing in the「solt sauna」「freeze sauna」

1.Put a bath towel in a room with rock salt temperature of 65 degrees and room temperature around 80 degrees. Please raise your salt from above and warm your body.About 5 minutes passed …

2.Chill the body rapidly in a frozen room chilled from minus 2 degrees to minus 5 degrees. Therefore, it tightens the opened blood vessel to improve the blood flow and revive the elasticity of the skin.About 5 minutes passed …

3.Please enter the conventional hot rock sauna.