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Introduction of yoga

Lymph Yoga Exercise to improve lymph flow
Timed tired body and train necessary muscles.
After the lesson, the refreshing body is also lighter.
Hata Yoga · Aroma Yoga Hatha Yoga learns asanas (yoga poses) and flanayama (adjusted for breathing).、Knowing the stability of your mind and body, you will feel yourself becoming cleared by circulating energy (flow of air).
Let’s practice so that you can harmonize everything while deepening your understanding of how to use your body.
Aroma yoga will teach pure natural essential oils to familiarize themselves with the body.
Anyone can join the class.
Bakuti Flow Yoga Yoga of “love and devotion”It is said that the energy of love gathers in your chest.
Bakuti flow Yoga is a style of yoga that incorporates a lot of poses that open around the chest to circulate energy that is stagnant and circulates energy by interlocking breathing and movement.

Lesson date

Wednesday【Biweekly: 2nd and 4th Week】 ※ Holidays also have lessons 《Capacity》12people
Thursday【Biweekly: 1nd and 3th Week】 ※ Holidays also have lessons 《Capacity》12people
Wednesday 19:30~20:45(75 minutes) Lymph Yoga【instructor:Takami】
Thursday 19:30~20:45(75 minutes) Hatha Yoka or Aroma Yoga
※Entry is possible from 30 minutes ago.
※You can join both yoga and hot yoga.

Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat
Lesson2 19:30~20:45
※Week 2 and 4
※Week 1 and 3

Yoga Price List(Revised May, 2019)

Regular members(Four times a month) ¥ 6,920 One time / 1,730 yen
Gold membership(All you can use on a monthly basis) ¥ 10,300
20 Ticket(6 months valid) 32,900 yen One time / 1,645 yen
★ Recommend to those who want regular number members to increase the number of times ★
Regular members (¥ 6,920) + 8 tickets 【valid for 3 months】
(¥ 1200 per ticket ¥ 1,600)
※ Requires joint use with regular members
Visitor (pay each time) ¥ 2,470
Trial 【2 times / 2 weeks active】 ¥ 2,060
Admission fee ¥ 4,800

※ Payment: Direct debit or credit card transaction
①Personal identification certificate ②Thing whose account number is known ③Financial institution notification mark (※ ②,③ only for direct debit)
※ In the case of direct debit, it takes time to process, so payment will be made in cash until the procedure is completed.
※ If you are a regular gold member and you are paying by credit card, you will be charged for 2 months at the beginning.
In addition, as for the date of payment, it depends on the credit card company, please check the payment date of your card.
If you are a Gold member (monthly unlimited), we will take a picture for your registration at the beginning.
※ If there is no cancellation by 2 hours before the lesson, a cancellation fee will be charged.
Please acknowledge it beforehand.
(In addition, please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any monthly needs to contact us by the day before.) ※If you are a monthly member and will be closed for a month, please contact by the beginning of the month.
※ In case of a leave or withdrawal, please be sure to contact us.
※ If you re-enroll in less than one year from your withdrawal, you will not receive the admission fee.